FGV press starts today the campaign Movimento do Bem at Bienal do Livro in Rio

29 August 2013

In this edition of 'Bienal do Rio', one of Brazil's most important literary events, FGV will have one more differentiator: the book donation campaign 'Movimento do Bem'.
Present at the Biennial since the creation of the event, in 1983, FGV Press always presents new features with the objective of increasingly bringing together readers of the institution's publications.
The Press' director, Marieta de Moraes Ferreira, told us about the campaign and the Foundation's participation in the 16th Bienal - which starts today, August 29, at 1 pm, in Riocentro.
What are the expectations for FGV Press' participation at Bienal this year?
Making FGV Press and its editorial production public has always been the focus of our participation in this great event and we are very excited, particularly when we manage to bring our books closer to the readers and contribute to their professional and personal development.
Will the Press bring new features?
We have several new features for this edition. The Movimento do Bem action, which will reward the customers who donate a used book with a discount of 20% for purchases at our booth, is one of them. Another new feature is that, for the first time in Bienal do Rio, we'll make iPads available to the public to learn and experience the eBooks of FGV Press, bringing our readers closer to this form of reading. In addition, several FGV magazines - such as RAP, RBE, REH, RAE, Conjuntura Econômica and publications of FGV Projetos - will be distributed to visitors. Finally, we will count on the participation of the Institute of Educational Development (IDE) in order to provide more information about FGV courses.
Could you tell us more about the campaign Movimento do Bem?
'Movimento do Bem' was created in 2011, and at that time, various donations of FGV Press' books were made to several institutions, NGOs and projects - always thinking about people's qualification and knowledge dissemination. These actions will continue, but the purpose now is to innovate through the donation of books of different categories, which we collect at our booth during the Biennial. The dynamics will be very simple: every person bringing a used book, in good condition, will be awarded with a 20% discount on the purchases at FGV Press' stand. Visitors can bring as many books they wish to participate in the action. FGV Press will be a bridge between those who want to donate and those who need to receive.
FGV Press' stand will be in the Green Pavilion - street N 09. 

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