FGV Projetos welcomed the constitutionalist José Gomes Canotilho

19 June 2013

On June 12, FGV Projetos welcomed one of the world's most important constitutionalists: José Joaquim Gomes Canotilho, Professor at the University of Coimbra. He spoke about Administrative Law innovation with a focus on regulation, and discussed some of the main structural classes of Constitutional Law. The objective of the workshop with Canotilho was to debate the trends and technical and legal aspects in the Regulatory sector - a current issue due to the debate on transport and infrastructure.


Also during the event, the coordinator of the Corporate Law course and professor of the Infrastructure Law graduate program at FGV's Law School in São Paulo (DIREITO GV), Mario Engler, introduced the concept of regulation, the contractual content, relevant points and specific features of the regulation and tariff regime in the transportation sector.


As for the coordinator of the professional master's degree in Finance and Business Economics of FGV/EPGE - Brazilian School of Economics and Finance and a specialist in the economics of regulation and contracts, Joisa Campanher Dutra, addressed the economic regulation presenting the case of the National Water Agency and the steps of the project undertaken, the planned activities versus the developed product and the proposed tariff model.


The meeting - which took place at FGV's building in Candelária, Rio de Janeiro - was also attended by FGV executives and experts, among them, the Director of FGV Projetos, Cesar Cunha Campos, and the technical director, Ricardo Simonsen.

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