FGV researcher attends global meeting of Jean Monnet network

The "Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network activities as examples of good practice”, was held in Brussels, Belgium.
Public Policy
22 June 2017
FGV researcher attends global meeting of Jean Monnet network

Francine Martin, researcher from the International Intelligence Unit (IIU), attended the "Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network activities as examples of good practice”, held in Brussels (Belgium) on June 8. During the meeting, the researcher presented a project developed by NPII to create a “Pan-Atlantic” research network and contribute with new perspectives on the subjects of energy, economy and human security across Atlantic countries and the rest of the world.

Titled Cluster Meeting, the event featured 32 coordinators from the Jean Monnet network, including the NPII. The goal was to identify activities within the Jean Monnet network and establish how they can interact to help gather information, share practices, develop knowledge, and promote the European integration process throughout the world.

Promoted by the program Erasmus Plus, the Jean Monnet Network promotes a solid international front, namely within the realm of higher education, focusing on disseminating and exploring results. Stakeholders across all levels of the program are expected to share evidence on the medium- and long-term impacts of financed actions.

The meeting allowed scholars from different countries to present their projects on the topics of democratic values, fundamental rights, and intercultural aspects, sharing best practices and proposing concrete recommendations to improve the management of Jean Monnet networks within the Erasmus + program.

The Cluster Meeting was designed to provide an engaging environment, promoting open and unrestricted debate. Participants were divided into six large groups, featuring 10 to 13 attendants in each table, based on the topics covered in their network. The identified themes, based on the European Union perspective, were foreign policy, migration, crisis management, civil society, economy, and education/citizenship.

NPII’s project titled ‘Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies’ focused on the subject of Economy. Francine highlighted the goal of promoting a multi-continental and multi-disciplinary approach, providing current insights on the Atlantic Basin as a political, economic, energy and security environment in today’s international relations.

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