FGV welcomes students and Chinese professors through Santander Universities program

08 August 2013

Last Friday, August 2, Fundação Getulio Vargas welcomed 38 Chinese students and 10 professors who came to Brazil through the International Mobility Program 2013 Top Brazil China, by Santander Universities. FGV was chosen to coordinate the 4th edition of the initiative thanks to the results obtained by the team formed by FGV's International  Affairs Division (DINT), Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE) and School of Social Sciences/CPDOC in the lectures and by welcoming the Chinese group last year.


During the welcoming ceremony, FGV's president, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, stated that the need for cultural and business exchanges shortens the distance between the nations and also pointed out that Brazilian professors teach our young people to do things with their heart and not because they want more money, since money is a result of dedication, success and luck. An intelligent person sacrifices short-term profits for reputation, because reputation means a higher earnings flow and higher self-esteem, he advised.


The group chosen by FGV comes from nine Chinese institutions: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Science and Technology of China, Nanjing University, Fudan University, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Xian Jiao Tong University.


Students and professors will stay 15 days in Rio de Janeiro to learn a little more about local history, economy, language and culture visiting FGV and nine other higher public and private education institutions. Students also have the opportunity to visit the main cultural and touristic sites of the city.


FGV, through its schools and colleges, has several agreements with Chinese entities, such as Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the International Center for Research on State Reform and Fudan University, among others.


Top Brazil China Program


With the Top Brazil China Program, Santander Universities completes the bilateral cycle of academic exchange program started with the 2013 Top China Program, which took 100 Brazilian students and professors in July for a three-week immersion course on Chinese culture and language. Then, FGV's team work on pesticide use in Brazil and China was the winner in Shanghai.


FGV and Santander Universities


FGV schools are involved in various Santander Universities' programs: Mandarin distance learning, exchange programs in Latin American countries and other continents, in addition to the two-week visits in Brazil (for the Chinese) and in China (for the Brazilians).


The programs are an excellent opportunity for the internationalization process of our students, as well as an opportunity for our professors to get in touch with other universities and organizations, says Professor Eduardo Marques, from GERINT/DINT.


The project is supported by the director of Santander Universities Brazil, Jamil Hannouche. The rich knowledge exchange that we provide for both the Chinese here, and the Brazilians who study for three weeks in Beijing and Shanghai, is what motivates us to continue investing in higher education, mainly through internationalization, says Hannouche.


Click below and learn more about the International Mobility Program 2103 Top Brazil China (in Portuguese):



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