FGV?s Business Administration graduate programs attract foreign students

22 March 2013

Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities that most attracts foreign graduate students, and FGV?s Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE) is one of the schools in the city that has been absorbing this demand by offering professional business-oriented masters programs. In the article Brazil attracts a growing number of foreign graduate students, aired during Jornal da Globo on March 15, EBAPE's deputy director, Professor Álvaro Cyrino, talked about the purpose of the programs. The focus of these programs, especially the international MBA, is to translate the Brazilian business environment to the expatriate, he explained. Pierre-François Brunet is in Rio de Janeiro for six months, and believes that his future may be in Brazil. I would like to work in international trade. There are French companies that are already here in Brazil, the exchange student of the Professional Executive Masters in Business Management (MEX) said. At Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, the increase in the number of foreigners in the MBA courses was significant: over 60% in the past two years. The growth was also registered by the Ministry of Education in the country. In 2012, 1,576 scholars from abroad attended a graduate program in Brazil - 41% more than in 2011.


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