FGV?s Global Law Program welcomes financial law expert from the University of Frankfurt

19 April 2013

On April 8 to 12, the Global Law Program at DIREITO GV, FGV?s Law School in São Paulo, offered a short-duration course with the theme 'The Laws of Economics and International Business Transactions', taught by Peter Sester - professor at the Institute for Law and Finance at the University of Frankfurt.


Aimed at students at the end of their undergraduate studies, masters' degree and specialist course students and exchange program students, the course provided an overview of the main models of international transactions and the rules of the Brazilian and international laws that regulate mergers and acquisitions operations and project finance. In his course Sester presents large corporate transactions, from an international perspective, both in its modeling as well as from the regulation's point of view. But that's not all, it goes beyond the analysis of European and American models by also dealing with the choices of the Brazilian legal system and the operations that take place here, explains Professor Viviane Muller Prado, who joins the professor this week.


Understanding the legal discipline of several countries on the subject is important for DIREITO GV students, who find themselves constantly challenged to provide innovative solutions to increasingly complex and globalized issues, he adds. Sester is a specialist in Contractual Law, with a focus on International and Corporate Law (Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance), as well as capital markets and banking laws (European and international).


The Global Law Program is structured by the Coordinator of International Relations of DIREITO GV, led by Professor Maria Lúcia Pádua Lima, with the goal of preparing lawyers to work in an international scenario in which Brazil has a growing participation as a player.


In April, the School also welcomes Professor Guillermo Jorge for a course on Anti-Corruption Law and Development in Latin America, joined by professors Marta Machado and Maíra Rocha Machado.

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