FGV's International Board debates democracy and development at workshop in Peru

10 May 2013

In April, FGV's International Director, Bianor Cavalcanti, and the executive director of the Latin American Public Policy Center, Marlos Lima, participated in a workshop organized by the Latin American Group of Public Administration (GLAP), in the capital of Peru, Lima. During the public session of the Catholic University Sedes Sapientiae, Latin America: public management tasks, Bianor Cavalcanti analyzed the situation of Brazil in the Latin American context, with the lecture Democracy and development. Among the participants were also the president of Mexico's Public Administration National Institute (INAP), José Castelazo, the Dean of the Health Sciences College of Universidade Católica Sedes Sapientiae and former Prime Minister of Peru, Luis Solari, and the director of Fundación Creamos Colombia, Edgar González. The event had a preparatory nature for the creation of a Public Administration Observatory in Latin America and was attended by participants from schools and universities in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Brazil, affiliated to GLAP. The launch of the Observatory will be in Rio de Janeiro, at FGV?s headquarters, in August this year - when a seminar will be held for this purpose. GLAP is the regional expression for the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), based in Brussels. Its mission is to establish links among Latin American university students and public officials, to promote the exchange of information about the theory and practice of public administration. The group also attended a cocktail party hosted by Manuel Rodriguez Arriaga at Mexico's embassy.