FGV's Library System launches new website and online resources

The interface is more friendly and features a new digital library, which now has five search channels.
17 February 2014

FGV's Library System (SB-FGV) is offering, starting this week, a new website and a new management system for its library collections.

According to SB-FGV's director, Marieta de Moraes Ferreira, the layout was completely restructured to facilitate the search of bibliographic material by the student or researcher. The interface is more friendly and features a new digital library, which now has five search channels: (1) Digital Repository of FGV scientific journals, (2) Digital repository of theses and dissertations and other digital objects, (3) Databases, (4) Collection of e-books and (5) Scientific Journals A to Z (national and international).

Besides, the search for information on channels related to the databases and e-book collections now has a filter that can be customized by the user. Another new feature is the mobile version for reference, reservations and renewal of library collection titles.

The management system - which can be seen by the user when accessing SB-FGV's catalog of the collection through the website - presents new features, such as integration with social networks, the possibility that students and professors have of ranking the selected work, immediate viewing of the last works acquired, among others.

Please click below and visit FGV's new Library System (in Portuguese).


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