FGV's School of Business Administration in São Paulo launches indicator that measures the well-being of Brazilians

27 March 2013

A website that will collect data for Well Being Brazil (WBB), a well-being index in Brazil - an unprecedented indicator in the country that will measure Brazilian?s level of well-being from the needs and desires of the population, has been launched in São Paulo. An initiative by EAESP's Center for the Study of Happiness and Financial Behavior, the Movimento Mais Feliz (Happier Movement) and the social network MyFunCity, the free tool allows data collection that may complement indicators that already estimate economic growth and national development. The Well Being Brazil (WBB) index will be developed based on data supplied by the citizens on topics such as climate and outdoor activities, transportation and mobility, family, social networks, career and money, education, government, healthcare, safety and consumption. The complete questionnaire that will gather the information is available on the website. The process for preparing the index is made up of three phases. The first one is the data collection to get to the first proposal on what is considered essential by citizens from all social classes and regions in the country. From there, public hearings will be held in ten cities in Brazil, with the presence of public officials and civil society to present the data collected and share suggestions and criticisms that enable any necessary adjustments in the process. The last phase is the presentation of the first indicator, scheduled for December. Despite being a national index, the WBB, unlike other indexes, will allow the regional reading of each one of the surveyed subjects, and specific actions by governments. We expect that with the adoption of WBB, by carefully considering the population's well-being level, we may develop public policies and offer conditions to prospect business opportunities directed at promoting well-being, says Professor Fábio Gallo, who is coordinating the study. It is important to stress that the Well Being Brazil (WBB) index is a proposal to increase the level of knowledge on people's satisfaction with public management, regarding their living conditions, he adds. Besides EAESP, Movimento Mais Feliz (Happier Movement) and MyFunCity, the initiative is being supported by national and international researchers. WBB's website has a Portuguese and an English version. Click here and learn more about Well Being Brazil (WBB). 


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