Food business is topic of special SciELO week

The SciELO in Perspective | Humanities Special Week will feature studies presented at the International Forum “The business of eating: Entrepreneurship and cultural politics”.
25 June 2018
Food business is topic of special SciELO week

SciELO invited RAE – Revista de Administração de Empresas (Journal of Business Management) to participate in the SciELO in Perspective | Humanities Special Week to be held from June 25-29, 2018. The RAE Week will feature papers from the special edition with studies presented at the International Forum “The business of eating: Entrepreneurship and cultural politics”, organized by Marina Heck (FGV’s Sao Paulo School of Business Administration – EAESP), Jeffrey Pilcher (University of Toronto), Krishnendu Ray (New York University) and Eliane Brito (EAESP). Work in the field of Food Studies and its relationship with entrepreneurship and business will be presented in the form of press releases, videos and podcasts, with the participation of Brazilian and foreign researchers.

Marina Heck (EAESP) will introduce the main theme of the Forum – “When eating becomes a business” – by discussing the importance of the Food Studies area in the development of people, businesses and cities. Leela Riesz, from Connecticut College (USA), talks about the tension experienced by Muslim immigrants to eat halal cuisine, which is very different from the predominant Spanish cuisine. University of Toronto (Canada) researcher Jeffrey Pilcher tells us how China has become the largest beer producer and consumer in the world, a passion that only began in the 20th century.

Patricia Boaventura (EAESP) addresses the co-creation of value and the strength of intermediaries in the Brazilian special coffee chain. The story of food street vendors, who were once seen as a public health problem and became a cultural symbol of Singapore, is presented in the work of Nicole Tarulevicz (University of Tasmania, Australia), with video comments by Krishnendu Ray (NYU, USA).

Marina Viotto (EAESP) tells the story of how premium Brazilian chocolate is building its legitimacy and facing the competition from Belgian chocolate in the country. Lucy Long, creator of the Center for Food and Culture in Ohio, USA, introduces the cultural politics of gastronomic tourism, which consists of travelling to various places to experience the typical cuisine of the region. Richard Wilk from Indiana University (USA) brings the problem of obesity to the agenda in the interesting reflection “Global garbage: Who is to blame for the obesity epidemic?”. Peru has experienced a gastronomic boom in recent decades and Amy Lasater-Wille, from New York University (USA), comments on how culinary schools are balancing regional elements with European techniques to train new Peruvian chefs. 

The videos will be published on the blog throughout the week. Go to the website to check it out.


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