Food costs increased at the beginning of November, according to IBRE

08 November 2013

The Weekly Consumer Price Index (IPC-S) of the Brazilian Institute of Economics (FGV/IBRE), of November 7th, presented a 0,63% change - 0.08 percentage points above the recorded rate of the last release.

In this calculation, six of the eight expenditure categories part of the index presented an increase in their change rates. The largest contribution came from the Food group, especially for green and vegetables, whose rate increased from 0.91% to 5.75%.

The groups Housing, Transport, Communication, Miscellaneous Expenses and Health and Personal Care also recorded an increase in change rates, pulled by items residential electricity tariff, optional vehicle insurance, fixed telephone services and internet, cigarettes and hygiene and personal care items.
On the other hand, the groups Clothing, Education, Reading and Recreation presented a decrease in their change rates.

In these expenditure categories, clothes (0.83% to 0.41%) and concert halls (1.22% to 0.52%) were the main highlights.

The next release of the IPC-C1 will be on November 18th, 2013.



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