Fundação Getulio Vargas registers more than 2 thousand foreign students in distance learning courses

07 February 2013

More than 2,500 foreign students have taken the short and medium duration courses of the distance undergraduate and MBA programs of Fundação Getulio Vargas up until 2012. This is what the FGV Online survey on internationalization reveals, with consolidated data since the creation of the programs until last year.


Moreover, according to the survey, 4,000 students took the free courses of the OCW Consortium: although most of them come from Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola, Mozambique and Portugal, students from Germany, the United States and Japan also signed up for them. Today, FGV's free courses of short duration have already more than 5 million applications and more than 3 million participation statements issued, said Mary Kimiko, director of Educational Solutions of IDE.


FGV Online courses are offered both for individuals and organizations - where most foreign students come from. Only the program conducted in partnership with EMBRATUR to train travel agents, for example, accounts for over 80% of students from other countries. The remainder mainly searches for courses in Financial Management, Business Management and Law.


FGV plans to launch more free courses in the coming months of 2013, beyond the 43 currently offered: the highlights are for Portuguese courses for Spanish Language Speakers and programs in the ??Public Management field, in partnership with the International Affairs Division (DINT). We hope to reach thousands of people around the world, providing quality education and content with FGV's excellence free of charge. We want to revolutionize higher education, Mary concludes.


Click here and learn more about the programs of FGV Online. 

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