The Herbert Souza Archive is part of the National Register of the World Memory Program of UNESCO

04 October 2012

The Herbert de Souza archive - one of the ones that compose the CPDOC's collection - was appointed to be part of the National Register of UNESCO's World Memory Program. The decision was taken by Brazil's National Committee of the World Memory Program - MOWBrasil, in a meeting that took place on September 18 and 19, at the headquarters of the National Archives.

The ten collections indicated to the nomination (chosen among thirty-six candidates) will be recognized by an official document of the Ministry of Culture and the graduation ceremony will be held in Rio de Janeiro on December 4.

Donated to CPDOC in 2004 by his widow, Maria Nakano, and the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (IBASE), the archive covers the period from 1952 to 2003 and presents about 15,300 documentary units, including textual and non-printed documents, besides iconographic documents.

The Herbert de Souza archive is the second fund of CPDOC that joined the National Register of the World Memory Program of UNESCO. In 2007, the archive Getulio Vargas received the nomination.

* The photo, celebrating the arrival of Betinho to Brazil: he returned in 1979, after eight years in exile.

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