Ian Bremmer debates risks and opportunities for democracies in the digital age at FGV DAPP webinar

Desinformação, discurso de ódio e polarização têm sido vetores centrais de um processo de radicalização do clima político e social, com o uso de robôs e outras estratégias de automatização
Public Policy
27 July 2020
Ian Bremmer debates risks and opportunities for democracies in the digital age at FGV DAPP webinar

On July 28, Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Department of Public Policy Analysis (FGV DAPP) and Eurasia Group will debate how digitalization is affecting prospects for democracies and the agenda for overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar, called Democracy and Social Media, will start at 2 pm in Brasilia.

The speakers will be Ian Bremmer, the CEO and founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media; Christopher Garman, the chief executive of Eurasia Group for the Americas; Marco Aurelio Ruediger, the director of FGV DAPP; and Thomas Traumann, a journalist and political analyst. The moderator will be journalist and FGV DAPP researcher Lara Stahlberg.

The consolidation of the internet and social networks as mediation spaces for public debate has direct impacts for the informational dimension of democracies. Disinformation, hate speech and polarization have been central vectors of a process of radicalization of the political and social climate, involving the use of robots and other automation strategies. This debate is part of FGV DAPP’s agenda, especially within the scope of its Digital Democracy Room, an initiative that is monitoring public debate in digital media with the aim of strengthening democratic institutions.

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