IMPM organizes panel with Mintzberg and Luciano Coutinho, president of BNDES

20 December 2012

One of the key moments of the module of the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM) in Brazil was led by the president of the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES), Luciano Coutinho, and by professor Henry Mintzberg, co-founder of IMPM and professor at McGill University, in the auditorium of FGV in Candelária: the panel Management and Development: the (re) emerging dialogue was opened by Professor Flávio Vasconcelos, director of EBAPE, and organized and mediated by Professor Alexandre Faria, coordinator of the IMPM module in Brazil.


To an audience of over one hundred participants, Luciano Coutinho presented an extensive analysis of the role of BNDES in managing the country's development. Henry Mintzberg has already produced a very positive analysis of the models and management practices and development in Brazil when he presented its latest management framework - based on the balance of public and private sectors. Favorable comments on Brazil were also made by Mintzberg in the lecture Rebalancing Society: A Critical Worldly Perspective organized by Alexandre Faria as Chair-Elect of the Division of Critical Management Studies at the Academy of Management Meeting held in Boston in August. On the occasion, Mintzberg presented harsh criticism to the role of business schools in the co-production of neoliberal crisis and received a standing ovation by an audience of over three hundred people.


The next IMPM module will take place in Brazil in October next year, with the participation of six Brazilians - four from BNDES.


*On the photo, Coutinho, Mintzberg and the professors Flavio and Alexandre.

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