INCC-M: Construction costs rise 0.84% in July 2020

A taxa do índice relativo a Materiais, Equipamentos e Serviços passou de 0,68% em junho para 0,75% em julho. O índice referente à Mão de Obra subiu 0,92% na passagem de junho para julho
29 July 2020
INCC-M: Construction costs rise 0.84% in July 2020

The monthly Civil Construction Index (INCC-M) increased 0.84% in July 2020, up from 0.32% in June. The figure related to Materials, Equipment and Services went from 0.68% in June to 0.75% in July. The result for Labor rose 0.92% between June and July.

Materials, Equipment and Services

In the Materials, Equipment and Services group, the rate corresponding to Materials and Equipment rose 0.92%, compared to 0.81% the previous month. Two of the four component subgroups recorded growth in their rates of variation, most notably Infrastructure Materials, which went from 0.57% to 0.98%

The variation in Services was 0.19% in June and 0.09% in July. In this group, there was a notable decrease in the result for the Machinery and Equipment Rental item, which went from 0.61% to 0.06%.


The rate for Labor increased 0.92% in July. The index did not change the previous month.

The complete study is available here.


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