Innovations in Brazilian insurance market to be debated in webinar

FGV President Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal and Solange Paiva Vieira, head of Brazilian insurance regulator, to give opening remarks
07 April 2021
Innovations in Brazilian insurance market to be debated in webinar

In order to debate innovations in the Brazilian insurance market and the importance of education for the sector’s professionals, FGV Knowledge will hold a webinar on April 9, called “Insurance: A Contemporary Reflection.” The event will be broadcast live on FGV’s YouTube channel, starting at 10 am. The speakers will include Superior Court of Appeals justices, insurance regulatory agency officials and FGV specialists.

The opening remarks will be given by FGV’s president, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal; the head of the Private Insurance Regulatory Agency (Susep), Solange Paiva Vieira; and Marco Aurélio Bellizze, who is an FGV professor and Superior Court of Appeals justice. At 10:30 am, the first talk, called “Controversial Issues in the Insurance Sector,” will be given by Antonio Saldanha Palheiro, FGV’s academic coordinator, who is also a Superior Court of Appeals justice.

After that, at 10:50 am, there will be a panel discussion called “Regulation and Innovation in the Insurance Market.” The speakers will be Susep’s technical directors, Igor Lourenço and Rafael Scherre, as well as the executive coordinator of FGV Knowledge, Maria Alicia Lima Peralta. The moderator will be the director of FGV’s Quality Center for Applied Research, Ricardo Simonsen.

The webinar’s closing remarks will be made at 11:45 am by Ricardo Couto de Castro, an FGV professor and Rio de Janeiro State Court of Appeals judge.

To take part in the webinar for free, please sign up here.

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