International Board of FGV participates in mission to China

13 December 2012

The International Relations Manager of FGV's International Board, professor Eduardo Marques, traveled on a mission to China and participated in two events: the workshop 2012 Economic Policy Dialogue among Emerging Economies Policy and Strategic Research Institutions and the course China: Future Challenges. Joint Seminar on International Public Administration.


The first event was organized by China Institute for Reform and Development (ICDR) and funded by GTZ/German Government, and it happened in the city of Haikou, on Hainan Island. Various think tanks from the BRICS countries attended the event, where, in principle, a cooperation network was set up to be formalized next year. The researchers Fernando Veloso and Maurice Canedo, from IBRE, presented lectures at the seminar.


The second event was a course held at the School of Public Policy and Management (MPPS), of Tsinghua University, co-organized with the Brazil China Institute (IBRACH).

The mission was especially productive given the current economic and political boiling situation in China, which promotes a vigorous movement towards the reform of the state and the economic development of the market.


* on the photo: Yin Shongyi, Executive Vice President of CIRD, Samir Saran, Vice President of Observer Research Foundation, in India; Jurgen Steiger, Associate Director of the Sino - German cooperation program for economic and structural reform; Eduardo Marques, International Relations Manager of FGV's International Board; Astrid Skala - Kuhmann, Director of GI/Z for cooperation with emerging countries, of Germany; Phindile Lukhele-Olorunju, Professor and the acting Managing Director of Africa Institute of South Africa; Wei Wenfeng, Director of CIRD's Center for International Cooperation.

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