International management program takes researchers and students for immersion in Amazon

This year, 19 students from Germany, Norway, the United States, Brazil, China, Poland, Norway and Morocco took part in the immersion.
24 November 2023
International management program takes researchers and students for immersion in Amazon

From October 1 to 9, Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (FGV EBAPE) held the second edition of the Amazon Immersion Experience, a program linked to the sustainability pathway of the Master in Management (MiM), which lets students explore management practices involving sustainable development, entrepreneurship initiatives and topics such as ESG and leadership.

This year, 19 students from Germany, Norway, the United States, Brazil, China, Poland, Norway and Morocco took part in the immersion. These young people included MiM students, exchange students from partner schools, students doing a double degree in partnership with Lisbon Catholic University and undergraduate students from the International Business Education Alliance (IBEA).

The immersion included visits to the Guamá Science and Technology Park, the Integrated Environmental Monitoring Center, the Natura Social and Biological Diversity Innovation Center, farming cooperative Cofruta, food company Manioca, the Meu Garoto cachaça plant, the Alunorte alumina refinery, Utinga Park, the regional environmental police and the island of Combu. The group also experienced the cultural activities of the Cirio de Nazaré festival.

The students were accompanied by the coordinator of the Master in Management (MiM) and Master in Business Management (MEX) at FGV EBAPE, Professor Augusto Sales; the school’s coordinator of international programs, Professor Juliana Mansur; and the academic supervisor of MEX and MiM, Anderson Ricci.

The visit to the Guamá Science and Technology Park was reported on by news portal Agência Pará. According to the media outlet, while at the technology park, the group of students toured the Center to Promote Amazonian Bioactive Compounds and learned about research and services to enable quality control for plant-based products in the areas of food science and technology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology and cosmetology. The young people also visited the Amazonian Energy Efficiency Center of Excellence, where the potential for research and services aimed at addressing energy efficiency issues in the areas of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and architecture was highlighted.

MiM student Pedro Henrique Abad said, “The immersion gave me access to sustainable business models and local culture. During the visits, I was able to see that these companies are managing to generate revenue while engaging in environmental conversations and helping create income for the local community. For example, the Meu Garoto cachaça plant and Manioca make their products using typical local fruits without harming the ecosystem. During our visit to Natura’s innovation center, we were able to understand processes to extract raw materials without damaging the environment, as well as initiatives to support the local economy.”

“The MiM program works as a career accelerator, leveraging students’ potential and providing a substantial transformation in their lives. Going through the program and the Amazon Experience equips students with a global vision and advanced management skills, preparing them to face complex challenges in the business world and contribute significantly to society,” said Professor Augusto Sales.

About the program

The Master in Management is a passport for those who want to build exceptional careers in management, giving them an agile and excellent education. The program is shorter but more intensive than other ones. It is designed for students who are about to graduate or graduated up to around three years ago, with little or no work experience. 

The MiM’s selection process will run until February 29. Visit the program’s website here.

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