The International Relations Center addresses the future of Europe in Greece

28 June 2012

The International Relations Center's professor Elena Lazarou attended the 9th Annual European Seminar, which took place in Poros island, Greece. This year, the seminar's topic ? one of the main meetings that address the future of Europe ? is ?Global Europe in a changing world: how to avoid irrelevance?. Elena represented the Brazilian point of view and spoke about the Latin America's emergence during session 1, ?Impacts on the global system and European challenges?, which also approached the relations Russia-Europe after Putin took power again, how to deal with a increasingly strong China, possibilities in the relation India-Europe and Asia's rise and the European role in this context.Apart from Elena Lazarou, the panel was also attended by the Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov, permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the European Parliament, professor Mohan Guruswamy, president and founder of the Centre for Policy Alternatives, New Delhi, advisor Xiyuan Zheng, of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and professor Bernt Berger, senior researcher on China and Global Security at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The seminar is an initiative of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy and took place until Sunday, June 22. 


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