Lecture by Márcio Thomaz Bastos closes school semester of São Paulo Law School's undergraduate course

25 November 2013

The lawyer and former minister of Justice, Márcio Thomaz Bastos was at FGV's São Paulo Law School (DIREITO GV) this Friday, November 22nd, to deliver the closing lecture of the Economic Criminal Law course  - conducted by Professors Theo Dias and Heloísa Estellita.

In his lecture, Marcio Thomaz Bastos highlighted the strong pressure situation that Criminal Law is currently experiencing. A criminal lawyer is constantly under attack, warned the former minister of Justice, who highlighted the confusion generated around the defendant and lawyer figures, the widespread perception that there are defendants unworthy of defense, and the decisive influence that the media exercises by covering the trials.

Thomaz Bastos also spoke about the care of using legal language to communicate with the population as a whole. Even today, lawyers use an incomprehensible language to communicate with the common citizen. We need to start working to make Law easier to be understood by society, he encouraged.

Besides the students of the course, students of other classes at São Paulo Law School attended the lecture of Thomaz Bastos, accompanied by Professors Oscar Vilhena Vieira (director of the School), Luciano de Souza Godoy, Mario Engler and Thiago Reis.

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