Management, Marketing and Law in Sport welcomes marketing director of IMG Argentina

29 May 2013

A lecture by the director of sales and marketing of IMG's Argentine branch (world leader in entertainment and sports marketing), Guillermo Ricaldoni, highlighted the beginning of the third class of the course Management, Marketing and Law in Sports FGV-FIFA-CIES, on May 18 in São Paulo. During his presentation to 80 students, the executive discussed issues related to sports sponsorship and the use of sports as a platform for brand building and market positioning, besides the integration of sports fans to the critical mass of consumers of events and team sponsors. The day before, Ricaldoni spoke to an audience of professionals interested in FGV's course. Sports marketing through sponsorships is one of the most powerful tools. The results often cannot be objectively measured in numbers, as sales, but on public size, target and positioning. Sports marketing generates a passion for brands, so they turn into strategic assets. The possibility of the public - and potential consumers - to live unique experiences through sports is something that cannot be compared and makes sports sponsorship a unique differential advantage, Ricaldoni explained. View below excerpts from the interview with IMG Argentina's sales and marketing director: How can leagues, associations and amateur sports athletes grab the attention of major companies and benefit from sports sponsorships? In multiple forms. But it always depends on factors as diverse as the public and their socioeconomic status, the city, the country and region of such specific amateur sports; in addition, it also depends on the modality - whether it is individual or in teams, whether it's a traditional or modern sport, male or female etc. However, the best is always to look for an expert or sports marketing agency, because they both know how the brand market works. Another option is to join an association of athletes. But the important thing is to work in a professional and planned way with the sponsorship as well, the same way as one works in the sport. How do you see Brazil as the host of the World Cup and Olympic Games? There's not much to add (to what has already been said) - in an interval of two years, Brazil will welcome the two sporting events of most transcendence, diffusion and global relevance. And it will do it very well, I have no doubt about it. I'm really confident it will be a great World Cup, in the land of the biggest winners in World Cup history, combined with the passion of the Brazilian public, and a great Olympics, with all the natural and touristic attractions that Rio de Janeiro has, one of the most loved cities of the world. I look forward to both events. And what do you think of FGV's partnership with FIFA and CIES, considering the favorable outlook for sports management in Brazil? I believe it is an excellent opportunity. However, it is not only timely because of the World Cup and the Olympics, but also because there is a great potential in sports and sports management in Brazil, with all the history that the country has. Just thinking about its soccer teams, beach soccer, volleyball, Formula-1... There is a lot of history and there's a lot of present and, of course, much future for sports in Brazil. Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), through FGV Online is an excellent partner for CIES-FIFA's network of universities, both in the academic and infrastructure level and the number of students, as I could verify. Congratulations to you and CIES for counting on FGV.


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