Master’s dual degree: Student highlights importance of Brazilian academic presence abroad

Fernando Morey Perez is about to complete an FGV-Yale dual master’s degree. He shares details of his journey on the Professional Master’s in International Management Program and the distinctive features of this experience.
03 April 2024
Master’s dual degree: Student highlights importance of Brazilian academic presence abroad

Fernando Morey Perez,who has been building a career in consulting, understands the importance of a solid academic foundation, especially in his field, where consultants’ knowledge and talent are highly valued. With this in mind, he decided to take the dual master’s degree program offered by Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP) and Yale University. He stresses that the selection process is quite comprehensive and includes several stages, including letters of recommendation, tests, a personal presentation, essays and an interview.

Regarding his experience on FGV EAESP’s Professional Master’s in International Management Program (MPGI), the student highlights the flexibility of the curriculum and the quality of the faculty. He also notes the diverse and international nature of his class, which is hard to find in Brazil.

“The level of talent in my class is very high, both academically and professionally, and it’s also very international. It’s an incredible mix and generates much more value for the MPGI,” he says.

Fernando also shares details about the academic environment at Yale, where students dedicate themselves full-time to their studies and have access to scholarships and recruitment opportunities with large companies. For those who apply in the first round of FGV EAESP’s selection process, until December, it is possible to have a Yale scholarship.

“Yale has high regard for FGV’s Brazilian students and wants to bring more talent into its programs,” Fernando says. In his view, the great attraction of the dual degree is the opportunity to obtain two master’s degrees from two highly recognized institutions in just two years.

“Yale highly values FGV students. I think all the FGV students who came to Yale left their mark. It’s incredible. They always want to bring more Brazilians because it’s part of their positioning to promote diversity and inclusion,” he explains.

He also emphasizes the university’s strong support for students in their career development, as well as the rich opportunity to network with future leaders in various industries.

“With a visa granted to do a master’s degree at Yale, you can work from one to three years in the United States after graduating. I found that very attractive and an amazing opportunity to start an international career,” he adds.

Fernando also highlights the flexibility and strong emphasis on the liberal arts at Yale, where business school students can also take classes outside their main area of study and explore subjects such as politics, philosophy, law and economics.

“My master’s degree isn’t restricted to technical subjects, such as finance and corporate strategy, but also promotes a holistic approach to education, preparing students to be responsible members of large companies and organizations, and also responsible members of society,” he says.

In terms of employability, large companies based in cities such as New York and Boston often look for Yale graduates. “The university has a very strong legacy in training business leaders in different industries, and the business school maintains a very close relationship with the market. As a result, many companies come to New Haven to recruit students and conduct selection processes here,” says Fernando. In addition to all these advantages, the institution offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as a Consulting Club, which prepares its members for interviews and to enter the consulting profession.

Finally, Fernando encourages other MPGI students to consider a dual degree as a unique opportunity for personal and professional enrichment, pointing out that the Yale experience opens doors to international careers and professional growth.

“You leave with a more complete profile, a 360-degree profile, which is what the market is looking for today. With two degrees from two such renowned universities, you become very well positioned anywhere in the world,” he adds.

Fernando’s journey at the Yale School of Management is about to come to an end, as he is due to graduatein May 2024. Today he is a member of the Association of Hispanic and Latin American Students (AHLAS), an Ambassador for Yale’s Admissions Office and a class representative for his program.

The third round of applications for the dual degree program between FGV and Yale runs until May.

To find out more about the dual degree and other opportunities involving FGV EAESP’s Professional Master’s in International Management Program, visit the school’s website or contact its Admissions Office.

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