Municipal elections and new waves in politics is theme of new book published by FGV Press

Last part of trilogy begun in 2011 highlights “new waves in politics.”
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18 September 2020
Municipal elections and new waves in politics is theme of new book published by FGV Press

FGV Press has just launched Municipal Elections and New Waves in Politics, the third part of a trilogy, which began with How Voters Choose Mayors: Campaigns and Voting in Municipal Elections (2011) and was followed by The Logic of Municipal Elections (2016).

This new collection, organized by Antonio Lavareda and Helcimara Telles, consists of 14 articles written by 33 authors, including professors, researchers and evaluators of education and research institutions from Brazil, Germany, Bolivia and Spain.

The book describes the arrival of new political waves, a global phenomenon that reached Brazil, where it took on a new shape, reflecting our specific characteristics. The different chapters present new information from quantitative and qualitative studies and the authors interpret this acute phase of the “crisis of representation,” involving ideological radicalization, the defeat of traditional parties, the growth of identity-based alternatives and increased polarization stimulated by social media, leading to different experiences in Brazil and the other analyzed countries.

The articles explore the appearance and performance of new right-wing parties in Brazil’s 2016 municipal elections, the votes of disillusioned citizens, the victories of outsiders in the last municipal elections, religion in politics, political polarization in campaigns, the importance of social networks for advertising, the possibility of the results of the 2018 elections influencing the 2020 elections, the pandemic’s influence on this year’s elections, the growth of radical right-wing parties in Germany, changes in municipal elections in Spain, and the evolution of Evo Morales’ party in the Bolivian municipal elections, among other subjects.

The work is available in e-book form on all major platforms and also in print format. For more information about the book, click here.


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