Neuroscience is the topic of a meeting organized by FGV Projetos

25 June 2013

On July 1st, FGV Projetos will run the meeting Neurosciences and the social process, which will address neuroscience and its application in social processes, such as education and health.

The event will include lectures from awarded European neuroscientist Antônio Damásio - expert in cognitive science and studies of the brain and human emotions - and former Minister of Health and now project coordinator at FGV Projetos, José Gomes Temporão.

Experts will give an overview of the sector in Brazil and in the world, approaching the advances in applied neuroscience and its contribution to social processes.

The meeting Neurosciences and the social process is open to the public and will take place at 9am in the auditorium on the 12th floor at FGV's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, The event will be held in Portuguese.


To participate, enrollment must be made by June 28th by sending an email to

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