Oscar Vilhena Vieira is elected president of the Law Schools Global League

31 July 2013

São Paulo Law School's director, professor Oscar Vilhena Vieira, has just taken over the presidency of the Law Schools Global League (LSGL) - a league that brings together 25 educational institutions of Law from across the world, such as Northwestern University, Jindal Global Law School (India), University of Cape Town (South Africa), King's College (United Kingdom), Tsinghua University (China) and University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong).  According to Vilhena, the challenge of their administration is to promote the exchange of innovative solutions in order to improve legal education. The permanent rising of new technologies and globalization impose on Law schools the challenge of constantly updating themselves in order to maintain quality education.  All this without losing sight of the importance of a jurist education, which will be able to cope with the new challenges of contemporary society, explains the professor, who will be at the head of the league for two years.  The announcement was made at the end of the III LSGL Conference, which took place on July 24-25, at the Catholic University of Lisbon. The event was attended by professors Paulo Goldschmidt, Maria Lúcia Pádua Lima, José Garcez Ghirardi and Salem Nasser, from FGV's São Paulo Law School, and Professor Joaquim Falcão, director of FGV's Rio de Janeiro Law School.  On July 16-26, the same university hosted the first summer course organized by LSGL, with the participation of São Paulo Law School's professor, Francisco Sátiro.  LSGL was created through a partnership between the School and Tilburg University in February 2012, in order to establish a research agenda that would build theoretical and practical models to study, understand and provide proper answers to the complexity of current legal issues in global terms. At the time, the meeting was organized by the coordinator of international relations of São Paulo Law School, Maria Lúcia Pádua Lima.  


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