Professors at EBAPE address political and tax reform

10 July 2013

Professors at FGV's Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration (EBAPE), Armando Cunha and Fernando Rezende, launched through FGV Press the book The Forgotten Reform: budget, public administration and development. This is the fourth joint work by the two researchers since the line of research focused on political and fiscal management, having as a major focus the public budget, was structured in EBAPE. The work addresses tax and pension reform, the importance of reforming labor laws and the priority that should be given to political reform, among other topics. It includes, besides the texts by the organizers themselves, contributions from authors Mansueto Almeida, Daniela Reyes, Jorge Vianna Monteiro and João Francisco Veloso. In the book's foreword, FGV's president, Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, observes that each contribution given by the texts fills its own space in the mosaic of situations that brings together different features of the topic, making up a first diagnosis of the situation, indicating the paths to be followed, in order to modernize the Brazilian budgetary process. The forgotten reform approached in the book is considered essential so that it is possible to sustain fiscal discipline, meet new demands of society, ensure that public managers have appropriate conditions to implement public policies and provide public services, in addition to make sure that the budget contributes to the vitality of Brazilian democracy. Visit the book's page at the Publisher's website (available only in Portuguese).