Research reveals the motivations of the elite squad policemen

22 March 2013

Action guided by the ideal, trust, loyalty, leadership and emotional control. These are some of the attributes that police work offers to those who join the association. The findings are part of the results of three years of research conducted by EBAPE's professors, Marco Tulio Zanini and Carmen Migueles, and the student of the Professional Executive Masters in Business Administration of EBAPE (MEX), Márcio Colmerauer, with policemen from the elite squads in Brazil and the US. The issue was a highlight in the March 2013 issue of the magazine Você S.A., one of the most important publications on career, finance and market in the country. In the article From the streets to the office, the researchers showed the results of the study on the behavior of elite policemen from a working point of view. The idea is to try to understand what makes a person choose to join the police squad, despite the life risk and low wages. The three interviewed officers and soldiers of the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE), of the Tactical Operations Command (COT), of the Coordination of Special Resources (Core) and six Swat teams. These teams are examples of how good management can overcome difficulties and establish standards for great performance, Marco Tulio explained in the article. The result is also in the book A ponta de lança (The spearhead), set to be released in the second half of this year. 


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