2017 Retrospective: FGV launches new institutional website

The layout of the website has changed significantly, featuring a modern and dynamic design based on state-of-the-art technological trends.
29 December 2017
2017 Retrospective: FGV launches new institutional website

The new FGV Portal is online. As of this week, users will find a completely revamped website: more efficient, interactive, and easy to browse. The project focuses on new ways to access content, while presenting Fundação Getulio Vargas’ areas of activity and institutional information in a more comprehensive way.

In line with FGV’s values of innovation, the layout of the website has changed significantly, featuring a modern and dynamic design based on state-of-the-art technological trends. The idea is to provide an easier and more user-friendly interface to access information on the portal. One of the new features is a responsive interface that adapts to all screen resolutions, and that can be accessed via both desktop computers and smartphones.

In addition, users can now browse the portal through FGV’s areas of activity: education, which consolidates education programs and schools; research, which presents publications by professors, researchers, and students; technical advisory, featuring content on public exams and projects; and indexes, which show economic indicators published by the Brazilian Institute of Economics (IBRE).

Another novelty feature is that users can now choose to access the portal through thematic areas, by applying content filters. FGV’s videos, news, events, social networks, and bookscan also be easily found in this new environment.

Through an enriching continuous editing process, the portal will be constantly updated with daily news about FGV, in addition to the latest videos, research, and events. Institutional information is still available on the revamped website, such as FGV’s history, mission, vision and values, awards and recognition, code of ethics, press office, accountability, and key quantitative data.

“The launch of the portal consolidates a step in the process of prioritizing online content. From now on, via the same URL, users will have access to all of Fundação Getulio Vargas’ areas of activity, in a dynamic and modern way,” said Marcos Henrique Facó, Director of Communications and Marketing at FGV.

Click here to check out FGV’s new website.