Rio de Janeiro Law School held a meeting about the Law of Domestic Workers

11 July 2013

Professor at FGV's Rio de Janeiro Law School (DIREITO RIO), Luiz Guilherme Migliora, and his students, Walter Gaspar, Guilherme Migliora and João André Quintaes held, on July 9, a lecture on the Law of Domestic Workers. The focus was on Constitutional Amendment 72, which modifies the wording of the sole paragraph of art. 7 of the Federal Constitution to establish equal labor rights among domestic workers and other urban and rural workers. The speakers explained what the law already provided, such as wage irreducibility, previous notice and the annual Christmas bonus salary, and what is already valid following the amendment: minimum wage for variable remuneration, protection of minors, criminalization of salary retention, protection of disabled people, a working day of 8 hours and a total of 44 hours per week, among other rights. According to them, the government still needs to regulate issues such as dismissal with cause, unemployment insurance, Unemployment Severance Fund (FGTS), compensation for night work, family allowance, assistance to children and dependents and insurance against work accidents. According to Luiz Guilherme Migliora, employers and employees should also define a contract and, in the case of time bank, write down all the over and underworked hours. The lecture - open to staff, students and professors - took place at FGV, in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.