Rio de Janeiro Law School strengthens Brazilian presence in the international association of lawyers

20 June 2013

The Publications Coordinator and professor of FGV's Rio de Janeiro Law School (DIREITO RIO), Felipe Asensi, was appointed Senior Member of the Inter-American Bar Association (IABA).  The organization, founded in 1940, represents professional organizations of lawyers from the American continent and promotes discussions for strengthening democracy in member countries.

The professor will be part of the committees on Constitutional Law and Legal Education in order to reflect constitutionalism in the Americas, the challenges of enforcing constitutional rights and the relationship between the Powers, in addition to examining the challenges of teaching, conducting research and extension in the field of Law, and to evaluate the profile of the new professional.

Fo Asensi, this appointment strengthens even further the Brazilian presence in IABA, which has massive presence of American attorneys.  With other Brazilian fellows, I can contribute to discussions about our legal culture, and defend the presence and role of Brazil on the American scene, he explains.

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