Salem Nasser participates in a meeting on humanitarian interventions

06 September 2012

The professor and coordinator of DIREITO GV's Center for Global Rights, Salem Nasser, was a lecturer at the seminar ?Humanitarian Interventions and the Responsibility to Protect?, which took place in São Paulo.


He spoke along with Caio Gracco Pinheiro Dias, from USP's Law School in Ribeirão Preto city, and Gilberto Rodrigues, from Faculdade Santa Marcelina (FASM). The debate was moderated by Diogo Bueno de Lima, secretary of FASM's Laboratory of International Analysis.


The event marked the launch of the special issue of the Pensamiento Próprio magazine, by Cries/Argentina (Coordinadora Regional de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales) who approached the topic ?La Responsabilidad de Proteger y su aplicabilidad en América Latina? in its 35th edition.










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