São Paulo Law School debates in Italy Ascarelli's influence on Brazilian legal thinking

11 July 2013

Professor at FGV's São Paulo Law School (DIREITO GV), Danilo Borges de Araujo, will minister, on July 17, the class Economic activity and legal instruments: notes from Ascarellian work at the Università del Molise, in Italy. Danilo, who conducted research on the theme Private Law Interpretation in Tullio Ascarelli's thoughts, will address the influences that the Italian jurist brought to legal thinking in Brazil. Ascarelli lived in the country from 1941 to 1946 and taught at the Law School of São Paulo University (USP). In Italy, he was a professor at the University of Rome and Bologna. The class is part of the Summer School in Scienze Politiche organized by Università del Molise. The goal is to discuss the contributions of Italian personalities to political science, history, law and economics for the cultural heritage of Europe and the world. The Summer School will take place between July 15 and 20.