São Paulo Law School debates security and privacy on the internet

02 September 2013

FGV's São Paulo Law School (DIREITO GV) promoted, on August 22, the seminar Data hosting for users in Brazil: considerations on security and privacy on the internet - organized by the coordinators of the Teaching and Research in Innovation Group (GEPI), Mônica Guise Rosina and Alexandre Pacheco. The meeting was attended by professors and professionals in the area.

During the event, Rio de Janeiro Law School professor, Ronaldo Lemos, examined the impact of the data hosting proposal on the Marco Civil da Internet - a project whose goal is to establish principles and guarantees for the use of the network in Brazil. The Marco Civil was ready to go on voting, but the new facts have completely changed the scenario, he said. 

Also according to Lemos, the previous version of the Marco Civil already responded to some of the concerns raised by Snowden - former member of the American intelligence that made known surveillance details of the U.S. government. Society already expressed its opinion about this issue. It is only a matter of approving the code, explained the professor.

The researcher of the Center for Technology and Society (CTS) of Rio de Janeiro Law School, Luiz Fernando Moncau; the student of the academic master's of São Paulo Law School, Pedro Ramos; and the representative of the Civil Society in the Internet Management Committee in Brazil, Sérgio Amadeu were also present at the seminar.

The event took place at the auditorium of São Paulo Law School, in São Paulo - Brazil.

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