Second Macroeconomic Analysis Seminar Discusses Resumption of Brazil’s Economic Growth

This public event will be livestreamed on FGV’s YouTube channel on June 15, starting at 10 am.
06 June 2023
Second Macroeconomic Analysis Seminar Discusses Resumption of Brazil’s Economic Growth

There is strong pressure in the markets for the Brazilian Central Bank to cut interest rates, which would aid the resumption of economic growth. In this context, Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian Institute of Economics (FGV IBRE), in partnership with the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, is holding the Second Macroeconomic Analysis Seminar of this year on June 15, at 10 am, on FGV’s YouTube channel.

At the bank’s last meeting, it decided to keep the base interest rate at 13.75% per year. However, things are not that simple. Although lower interest rates have the power to lead people to consume more, there are some barriers that must be overcome for this to happen.

One of them is the high indebtedness of families, which has been breaking successive records. There are also doubts as to the speed at which inflation is falling, as well as the degree of monetary tightening that is still necessary to bring inflation down to the target and how long this will take. On the other hand, there is the new fiscal framework and its impacts on the economy, in addition to a series of problems that must be resolved in order for Brazil to grow again.

These and other subjects will be discussed at the event, which will be led by Claudio Conceição, FGV IBRE’s head of publications, executive editor of the Brazilian Economy Magazine and chief editor of the institute’s “Conjuntura Econômica” (“Economic Outlook”) blog. The speakers will be Armando Castelar, associate researcher at FGV IBRE; José Júlio Senna, head of the institute’s Center for Monetary Studies; and Silvia Maria Matos, coordinator of FGV IBRE’s Macro Bulletin. The moderator will be O Estado de S. Paulo special reporter and columnist Adriana Fernandes.

To take part, please sign up here.

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