Seminar to focus on law, economics and health

Event organized in partnership with Ceará State Court of Appeals and its judicial college.
30 May 2023
Seminar to focus on law, economics and health

Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Rio de Janeiro Law School, through its Regulatory Law Graduate Program, is holding a seminar called “Law, Economics and Health” in Fortaleza on June 2. The event will reflect on the challenges of the private health insurance system and health-related litigation, as well as addressing the regulatory aspects of technologies in this sector.

The seminar is taking place as part of the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School’s Law, Economics and Justice Knowledge Promotion Project, in partnership with the Ceará State Court of Appeals and its judicial college. The opening remarks will be made by Judge Antônio Abelardo Benevides Moraes, the court’s president; Judge Francisco Luciano Lima Rodrigues, the director of the judicial college; and Sérgio Guerra, the dean of the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School.

The event will consist of two panel discussions. The first, called “Efficiency in Health Litigation,” will feature Judge Francisco Mauro Ferreira Liberato; the president of the National Health Insurance Regulatory Agency (ANS), Paulo Rebello Filho; Fabíola Vieira of the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA); and Professor Daniel Wei Liang Wang of the FGV Sao Paulo Law School. The second panel discussion, called “Technology, Regulation and Health,” will feature Judge Carlos Alberto Mendes Forte; Rio de Janeiro State University’s dean of health, Denizar Vianna; Professor Nicolo Zingales of the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School; and the coordinator of the FGV Center for Health Planning and Management Studies (FGVsaúde), Ana Maria Malik.

The closing remarks will be given by Armando Castelar, an economist and professor at the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School and an associate researcher at FGV IBRE. This free public seminar will take place at Ceará State Judicial College.

Ceará State Judicial College
70 Rua Ramires Maranhão do Vale, Água Fria, Fortaleza, Ceará

To find out more information about the event and to sign up, click here.

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