Social impact: FGV conducts research on human rights and public policies

Discover FGV’s Social Impact Report and find out how FGV carries out studies and projects aimed at building inclusive and socially sustainable development policies.
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20 February 2024
Social impact: FGV conducts research on human rights and public policies

Human rights and social development are highly relevant issues for Brazil and the world, as they are at the heart of building a fairer and more inclusive society. The United Nations has established a set of Sustainable Development Goals, which include specific targets related to different areas, such as eradicating poverty, promoting gender equality, reducing inequalities and ensuring a decent life for all.

According to United Nations data, approximately 9.2% of the world’s people live in extreme poverty, which indicates the urgent need for measures to improve their living conditions.

In this context, it is essential for governments, organizations and civil society to work together to raise awareness of human rights and ensure that public policies are aligned with the principles of justice and equity.

Recognizing the complexity of these challenges, FGV conducts research and projects aimed at building inclusive and socially sustainable development policies:

  • Infodengue – an innovative automatic diagnosis system for arbovirus transmission: Infodengue is a system for automatically diagnosing the transmission situation regarding arboviruses (viruses that are transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks or other arthropods). It uses data from different sources (epidemiological, climatic and behavioral) to capture and harmonize information and generate reports about the situation for health agents and the population. Since 2015, the system has been running continuously in 790 Brazilian municipalities for dengue surveillance. FGV is one of the institutions responsible for developing the system and its work on this project reinforces its position as a leader in innovation and technology for public health. 
  • Income and Healthy Eating: This research investigated differences in healthy food consumption between socioeconomic classes. Previous studies pointed out that consumers in lower classes have particularly negative perceptions of healthy foods (which are seen as unsatisfying by this group). Based on these results, an intervention was designed that sought to attenuate these associations and consequently encourage consumers in lower social classes to choose healthy products. 
  • Brazil 2040 – Towards a More Prosperous, Inclusive and Sustainable Society: FGV is leading an innovative project to scientifically identify possible ways of building a fairer, more prosperous and more inclusive Brazilian society in the coming years. The project, titled “Brazil 2040: Towards a More Prosperous, Inclusive and Sustainable Society,” is based on a netnographic methodology that involves quantitative and qualitative analysis of growth models and economic cycles, as well as historical traditions and subjective factors in society.

About FGV’s Social Impact Report

The Social Impact Report presents FGV’s intellectual output, including facts, figures, research projects and survey results across different areas of the institution. It describes FGV’s range of activities and the positive changes it generates in society.

In line with FGV’s mission to stimulate Brazil’s socioeconomic development, the document presents data and highlights regarding the organization’s evolution in its main areas of impact, whether through projects, initiatives or activities focused on innovation in public and budgetary policies, the green economy, human rights and social development, national defense and security, and global productivity and cooperation.

Click here to see the full report.

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