Startups compete for the best idea at Desafio Brasil 2013

18 June 2013

Desafio Brasil (which means Challenge Brazil in Portuguese) - promoted by the Private Equity Study Center (GVcepe) at FGV's School of Business Administration in São Paulo (EAESP) - reaches its eighth edition with a twist: this time, participants will have the chance to interact, exchange information and improve their business ideas before the final registration.

The start-ups have until July 14 to register their ideas on the website, and until August 11 to submit the full proposals. The process will also include entrepreneurship education, training sessions for participants, lectures, mentoring sessions, networking opportunities and prizes.
The final stage will take place in November, when the project will be submitted to an examining board. The organization has not determined the prizes yet, but the winning company will participate in an international event for start-ups.

In the last edition, companies from 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District participated, totaling more than 364 startups and more than 1,500 entrepreneurs involved in the competition.


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