Study by FGV's Administration School in São Paulo portrays entrepreneurship in Brazil

03 May 2013

Despite being one of the most difficult countries to start a new business in, Brazil has the third largest community of entrepreneurs in the world. This is one of the conclusions of the study Encouraging Entrepreneurship: Brazil's Bid in Latin America, by FGV's graduate student Lee Catherine Booker, and published by the Journal of International Affairs from Columbia University.


Student of the Professional Master in International Management program at FGV?s School of Business Administration in São Paulo (EAESP), Lee Catherine documents an overview of entrepreneurship in Brazil and highlights the importance of policies that allow the opening of new businesses. According to the survey, small and medium-sized businesses are responsible for 96% of jobs in Brazil and comprise 98% of companies in the country. However, the economic importance of these initiatives is not yet followed by stimulating measures on behalf of the government. The government applies the same type of regulation and rates to startups that it applies to other types of organizations, she points out, and draws attention to the potential that could be developed. Imagine the level of innovation that could be achieved with encouragement coming from the government.


The study also reveals that entrepreneurship has begun to bloom a few years after the democratization of the country, and even with its difficulties, it is a popular choice among young people beginning their careers. Confident and believing in change, many young Brazilians see that the tide of history turned in favor of startups, says Lee Catherine, mentioning the case of EAESP students. In EAESP, one of the best business schools in Latin America, students increasingly decline offers of employment in large banks and consulting firms to start their own businesses.


About the Professional Master in International Management


EAESP's Professional Master's in International Management is a stricto sensu post-graduate program in partnership with renowned foreign institutions, created to provide professionals with the skills required for leadership positions in the global business environment.


The program offers the opportunity of a double degree - that is, obtaining EAESP's Master's Degree in International Management Professional recognized by CAPES, and the title of the affiliated institution. In the case of Lee Catherine Booker, she also will get its title from Columbia University, with the support from Lemman Foundation.


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