Study shows that most Brazilians do not intend to go to crowded places at the moment

People are most concerned about bars and restaurants, and less so about trips to shopping malls, as long as appropriate preventive measures are taken
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24 July 2020
Study shows that most Brazilians do not intend to go to crowded places at the moment

Many Brazilian states have now loosened their social distancing restrictions, reopening stores, bars, restaurants and leisure venues such as beaches, parks and cultural centers. However, a consumer survey by Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian Institute of Economics (FGV IBRE) shows that many Brazilians are reluctant to quickly return to crowded places. Between 54.5% and 80% of interviewees said they have no intention of going to bars, restaurants, cinemas, theaters and shopping malls, or going anywhere on vacation.

“Many consumers said that the pace of reopening is faster than they consider appropriate. Until a vaccine is available, people’s fear of getting infected will continue to deter them from visiting busy places in the majority of surveyed state capitals. In addition, the strict lockdown period caused many consumers to lose their jobs or take pay cuts. The fear of unemployment and delays in average household income recovery, together with greater indebtedness, will keep consumers cautious, so the momentum of purchases of goods and services will remain at a very low level,” said Viviane Seda, FGV IBRE’s consumer survey coordinator.

Regarding trips to cinemas and theaters, 80% of people said they have no intention of going there and 17.2% said they would go if appropriate preventive measures were taken. In relation to bars and restaurants, most interviewees (64%) also said they do not plan to go there, while 32.6% of consumers said they are prepared to do so if preventive measures are in place. Similar results were seen for people’s willingness to go on vacation, either by coach or airplane: 69.4% and 27.1%, respectively.

The least pessimistic result was about shopping malls: 54.5% of people said they have no intention of going there, while 40.9% said they would if appropriate measures to avoid catching COVID-19 are taken.

Residents of Rio de Janeiro consider the pace of reopening fast, while residents of Sao Paulo think it is reasonable

The survey also found that 37.9% of people in Rio de Janeiro consider that social distancing restrictions are being loosened very quickly. Another 23.3% described the speed as “fast,” 23.8% said “normal,” 10.1% said “slow,” and 4.9% said “very slow.”

In Sao Paulo, 31.7% of people said that the reopening has been “normal,” while 27.7% said “very fast,” 24.2% said “fast,” 11.8% said “slow” and 4.8% said “very slow.” Nationwide, 29.9% of interviewees described the loosening of restrictions as “very fast,” while 27.8% said “normal.”

The survey consulted 1,500 consumers in different income groups in seven state capitals (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Porto Alegre and Brasilia), between July 2 and 16.

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