Two FGV Press books are Jabuti Prize finalists

In all, there were 4,245 entries to the 65th edition of these awards, in several thematic categories across the entire book production chain.
14 November 2023
Two FGV Press books are Jabuti Prize finalists

Two books published by FGV Press are in the running for the Jabuti Prize, the foremost award in Brazil’s publishing market. The finalists were announced on November 9 by the Brazilian Book Chamber. In all, there were 4,245 entries to the 65th edition of these awards, in several thematic categories across the entire book production chain. In the Non-Fiction Humanities category, FGV Press had two works selected from among the 10 finalists. Both books deal with subjects related to education in Brazil.

 Find out about the finalists: 

“O ponto a que chegamos: dois hundred anos de atraso educacional e seu impacto nas políticas do presente” (“The point we’ve reached: Two hundred years of educational backwardness and its impact on current policies”) is by Antônio Gois, a journalist specializing in education. The central argument is the present unsatisfactory state of Brazilian education, resulting from a long history of neglect and misguided decisions, which have taken a heavy toll on the country to this day.

“Pontos fora da curva: por que algumas reformas educacionais no Brasil são mais efetivas do que outras e o que isso significa para o futuro da educação básica” (“Points outside the curve: Why some educational reforms in Brazil are more effective than others and what this means for the future of basic education”) is by Olavo Nogueira Filho, a specialist in public management. The author seeks to show why there are differences between the results of sub-national educational reforms, even between places of a similar socioeconomic level, based on two of the most successful Brazilian reforms, in Ceará and Pernambuco. The book is the result of a master’s thesis on management and public policy at FGV.

“Having two works published by a university publishing house among the 10 finalists in the Human Sciences category of the Jabuti Prize shows how much the human sciences need to be valued in our country and how significant the subject of education is and how much it arouses interests of many kinds. Although these are two works on related themes, each has its own importance and each presents stories and cases about education in Brazil, but both are intended to encourage better public education policies in the country. The entire FGV Press team is very happy about these two nominations and very satisfied with its choice of works for publication, the editorial line followed and the results already achieved through these books,” says Professor Marieta de Moraes Ferreira, the director of FGV Press, who was responsible for selecting these published works, which are now Jabuti Prize finalists.

About the Jabuti Prize

The Jabuti Prize aims to recognize and celebrate literary works in several categories. It is considered Brazil’s most prestigious literary award and a part of the country’s cultural heritage. For years, it has highlighted the achievements of the publishing industry and helped expand the reach of national literary culture. The awards scheme has remained relevant for winners, publishers and cultural agents, recognizing books and authors since its creation in 1958. 

This awards scheme stands out from others in Brazil due to its scope: as well as recognizing writers, it also highlights the quality of the work of all the professionals involved in the creation and production of books.

Find out more about FGV Press’ Jabuti Prize finalist books.

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