Webinar looks at FGV IBRE system that helps monitor consumer inflation

Exclusive tool simulates IPCA, combining official index weightings with prices surveyed by FGV IBRE
09 November 2020
Webinar looks at FGV IBRE system that helps monitor consumer inflation

On November 10, at 10 am, Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian Institute of Economics (FGV IBRE), which is responsible for calculating important indicators such as IGP-M and IPC-S, will hold a webinar called Inflation Monitoring: Anticipating IPCA’s Movements. The aim of the online meeting is to look at the usability of the system that helps monitor official inflation, making it possible to anticipate the intensity of price movements and reasons for them. Those interested may watch the webinar on FGV’s YouTube and LinkedIn channels.

Economist André Braz says that through inflation monitoring, it is possible to identify areas of inflationary pressure in advance, determine the persistence of inflation and support investment decisions.

“The Official Inflation Monitor is a system that simulates IBGE’s IPCA index every day, combining the official index’s weighting structure with variations in the prices of products and services surveyed by FGV IBRE. The advance monitoring of results through this indicator helps us get a better understanding of the country’s future inflation direction,” says Braz, FGV IBRE’s Consumer Price Index Coordinator.

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