Webinar talks about 'Feeding the World' book and evolution of agribusiness in Brazil

Authors Herbert S. Klein and Francisco Vidal Luna and Professor Carlos Antonio Luque to participate in meeting
16 November 2020
Webinar talks about 'Feeding the World' book and evolution of agribusiness in Brazil

The rise of Brazil as an agricultural power is one of the most important events in the history of the modern world. Since 1960, Brazil has gone from an importer to the world’s largest net food exporter. Today it is among the top five global producers of 36 agricultural products and it has taken the lead in exports of dozens of goods. There would be a drastic reduction in the global food supply without Brazilian production. Thinking about this progress, FGV Press will hold a discussion on November 19 about a new book, “Alimentando o mundo” (“Feeding the world”), and about the evolution of agribusiness in Brazil.

“Feeding the World: The Emergence of Brazil’s Modern Agricultural Economy,” jointly published by FGV Press and Editora Imprensa Oficial, takes an in-depth look at the causes of this agricultural revolution. The book’s authors, Herbert S. Klein (Gouverneur Morris Professor Emeritus at Columbia University and Research Fellow at Stanford University) and Francisco Vidal Luna (former professor at University of Sao Paulo’s School of Economics and Administration and researcher at Brazil’s Economic Research Institute Foundation), will discuss Brazil’s current importance to agribusiness and the evolution of this essential economic activity, together with Professor Carlos Antonio Luque of the University of Sao Paulo’s School of Economics and Administration, who is the president of the Economic Research Institute Foundation.

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