Provost Office


Provost Office

FGV's Provost Office was structured to create academic synergy between all of FGV’s schools. In the face of requirements from the Higher Education Personnel (Capes) and the National Institute for Educational Studies and Research “Anísio Teixeira” (Inep), the objective of the Provost Office is to guide, support, evaluate and monitor the academic performance of FGV’s schools, as well as to assist FGV’s Senior Management when necessary. 

FGV's Provost Office is also responsible for overseeing and reviewing reports required by the Ministry of Education (INEP, CNPq and Capes – all Brazilian institutes for research funding) and other public entities, ensuring the following:

  • - Legal compliance by FGV’s Schools regarding the academic area, taking into account the recommendations of the National Council of Education (CNE) and MEC (Inep and Capes), with respect to accreditation and re-accreditation of schools; and the authorization, recognition and subsequent renewals of courses, covering all lato/stricto sensu undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • - Guiding FGV’s Schools in sharing and promoting best education and research management practices on a global scale.
  • - Consolidating information regarding all of FGV’s Schools.
  • - Overseeing, guiding and updating the information rendered to entities responsible for supervising Brazilian education institutions.
  • - Monitoring and addressing of Academic Ombudsman demands, as defined by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) Assessment Tools, applied to all FGV Schools and the Institute for Educational Development (IDE).

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