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  • Administration
    Financial planning during crises is subject of online event

    FGV Executive Education in Belo Horizonte will hold a webinar on April 26 called Financial Planning During Crises. How should companies organize and control their cash, costs and budgets in times of uncertainty and crisis? This and other questions will be answered in this discussion, which will also look at the importance of budget-based...

  • Administration
    Webinar addresses foreign investment opportunities in Brazil’s environmental infrastructure

    The Center for Infrastructure and Environmental Solutions at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP) will hold a webinar on April 22 called “Infrastructure, the Environment and Foreign Investment: Risks and Opportunities,” with an eye to the post-COVID economic recovery. The event will...

  • Energy
    Online event discusses infrastructure and energy trends

    FGV in Company, in partnership with Academia CEO, will hold a webinar on April 22 called Energy and Infrastructure – Macrotrends. Talks will be given by André Dorf, co-CEO of Grupo Comerc, and Paulo César Cunha, a consultant at FGV Energy. The moderator will be Antônio Maciel, CEO of Academia CEO....

  • Economics
    Women’s participation in job market to be subject of webinar

    Women’s presence in the job market has expanded substantially in recent decades in Brazil. Nevertheless, they still face obstacles to receiving similar pay to men, especially in occupations that require advanced qualifications. Based on this premise, Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian Institute of Economics (FGV IBRE) will hold a webinar on...

  • Social Sciences
    Webinar debates social activism and bureaucracy in Brazilian health

    Jessica Rich, a political scientist at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the author of “State-Sponsored Activism: Bureaucrats and Social Movements in Democratic Brazil,” will be the guest speaker at an event called “Social Activism and Bureaucracy in Brazilian Health,” to be held by FGV CPDOC on April 20. During the meeting, Rich...

  • Administration
    New sanitation regulatory framework and regional sanitation schemes to be debated in webinar

    On Tuesday, April 20, at 6 pm, the Center for Infrastructure and Environmental Solutions (CEISA) at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Sao Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV EAESP) will hold a free webinar about the new regulatory framework for sanitation and regional sanitation schemes, focusing on the example of Minas Gerais...

  • Institutional
    New blended MBAs mark start of FGV’s new phase in Belo Horizonte

    Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), a national and international leader as a continuing education center, is embarking on a new phase in its history by opening its own center in Belo Horizonte.

    “The city is one of Brazil’s main development hubs and it has a demanding public who demand high-quality teaching and executive education of...

  • Administration
    Qualihosp: 21st edition to be online and free and it will look at lifelong care

    Between April 27 and 30, FGV EAESP’s Center for Health Planning and Management Studies (FGVSaúde) will hold QualiHosp 2021. This year, the event will be online and free of charge, and its main theme will be Lifelong Care: Coordination and Continuity. The idea is to approach this topic from different angles, starting from a...

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  • Economics
    Amazon Dialogues: new meeting in series explores political visions of region’s development

    Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Sao Paulo School of Economics (FGV EESP) will hold a free webinar on political visions of the Amazon’s development on Monday, April 19, at 7 pm. During the meeting, a group of guest journalists will interview the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Marcelo Ramos, about how the legislature can help Brazil...

  • Economics
    Monetary policy’s impacts on the economy to be debated in webinar

    Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Brazilian Institute of Economics (FGV IBRE), which is turning 70 this year, and the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, will hold a webinar called Monetary Policy and Its Impacts on the Economy on April 15, from 10 am to 11:30 am. The speakers will be Carlos Viana, Asset 1’s founding partner and head of...

  • Social Sciences
    New book explores history of immigration into Brazil

    The subject of immigration has gained renewed impetus due to new flows of immigrants that Brazil has been receiving, from other Latin American countries, Africa and Asia. As ever, current issues spark curiosity about the past, shedding new light on the matter.

    A new book, History of Immigration into Brazil, organized by...

  • Economics
    Online event presents opinions of non-Brazilian economists about Brazil

    The Finance and Economics Master’s Program at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Sao Paulo School of Economics (FGV EESP) will hold a free webinar on Thursday, April 15, at 6 pm, called Macroeconomic Scenarios: Perspectives of Economists Outside Brazil. The participants will be Otaviano Canuto, a senior member of the Policy Center for...

  • Public Policy
    Street Lighting and Smart Cities Forum to take place on April 13 and 14

    Hiria, in partnership with Fundação Getulio Vargas, will hold the “Street Lighting and Smart Cities Forum – A New Start for the Sector and Prospects for the Market and Industry Between Now and 2025” on April 13 and 14. The meeting, to take place on online platforms, will present the visions of new mayors, investors’ appetite,...

  • International Relations
    FGV launches series of meetings to discuss relations between China and Latin American countries

    The Brazil-China Study Center at Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Rio de Janeiro Law School is holding a series of webinars with researchers from Latin American countries to discuss relations between China and Latin America. The series of events, called BR&Br + Americas, will feature speakers from Argentina, Chile...

  • International Relations
    Webinar address relations between Brazil and Vietnam

    Fundação Getulio Vargas’ International Intelligence Unit (FGV NPII) is about to hold another webinar in its “Focus on Asia” series, which is providing a comprehensive overview of Asia, the world’s main economic axis at the moment. On April 14, the subject will be “Geopolitics, Economics and Different Relations Between Brazil and Vietnam.” The...

  • Administration
    FGV and Forbes launch Leader 5.0 course

    In an unprecedented initiative, FGV and Forbes are launching the Leader 5.0 course. The aim is to offer FGV’s tradition and cutting-edge academic knowhow together with the latest market practices, through the voices of great business leaders and their success stories, to prepare professionals for the challenges of the contemporary world.



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