Knowledge at the service of economic and social development
Fundação Getulio Vargas’ Social Impact Report, published annually since 2014, represents yet another innovation by FGV in the way it presents its activities and initiatives that have a positive impact on society.

Much more than standard accountability
The report is based on the understanding that it is necessary to go beyond standard reporting practices, and also show the following:

The logic that guides FGV’s scientific production and integrates applied research with teaching and the dissemination of knowledge.

FGV’s deliveries to Brazilian society in a wide range of areas, making essential contributions to the advancement of public services, innovation capacity, quality of life, the environment, science, education, health, development and various other sectors.

Narratives that are accessible and detailed, capable of engaging society, while presenting, in an unprecedented way for this type of publication, the production of applied research at the highest level seen in Brazil and across the world, reflected in innovations in education, publications, seminars and the generation of knowledge.


2023 Social Impact Report

Previous editions

Commitment to Brazil’s future

FGV’s Social Impact Report demonstrates the institution’s commitment to contributing to Brazil’s social development through its work in the areas of education, research, consulting, development and social responsibility, seeking to provide high-quality knowledge and innovative solutions.


Report structure:

Although the chapters may vary from year to year according to the chosen central theme, the main pillars guiding the report are as follows:

• Sustainable development and the green economy;
• Scientific and technological innovation;
• Science applied to evaluate and improve public and budgetary policies;
• Energy;
• Human rights and social inclusion;
• National defense and security;
• International activities.

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