• Webinar | To inform and misinform: the current situation of Brazil’s information ecosystem 12 Mar 2024 14:00 a 17:00
    Webinar | To inform and misinform: the current situation of Brazil’s information ecosystem
    Local: YouTube FGV
    Endereço: Transmissão Online
    Data: 12 Março 2024
    Horário: 14:00
    Responsáveis: FGV EBAPE
    Digitalisation has transformed the way information is created and disseminated. Currently, we are grappling with the darker side of this transformation, wherein vicious, mutually reinforcing cycles of disinformation, extreme polarization, and autocratization threaten peace, justice, and good governance.  Brazil is no exception. Factors that shape information ecosystems are highly dependent on context, yet debates on how to counter the "information disorder" we are currently experiencing tend to be highly specific, preponderantly focusing on the regulation of online content. This webinar invites participants to look at the bigger picture. Bringing together disinformation experts focused on the media, politics, law, and socioeconomic roots and impacts of disinformation, the goal of this workshop is to identify risks and opportunities in Brazilian society. The larger question is how do we restore order to our information ecosystems? 
    Attention: the event will be held in English, but interested parties will be able to send their questions in Portuguese.
    Anita Breuer | Senior Researcher at the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) - Prodigees Program
    Luca Belli | Digital Governance Specialist (FGV School of Law)
    Dra. Nara Pavão | Specialist in Political Behavior and Public Opinion (UFPE)
    Nina Santos | Specialist in the Socioeconomic Area of ​​Disinformation (FGV-Sorbonne-Nouvelle) Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia em Democracia Digital | Aláfia Lab
    Dr. Taís Seibt | Specialist in Digital Media and Fact-Checking (Unisinos - Fiquem Sabendo)
    Robert Gregory Michener  | Associate Professor


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