Price of presents for children increases above inflation

10 Outubro 2013

This year, buying a present for younger ones or taking them out for a stroll will be more expensive. The prices of the most desired products and services to celebrate Children's Day in Brazil have increased, on average, 9.13% between October 2012 and September 2013 - above the inflation found in the same period by FGV/IBRE's Consumer Price Index (IPC), which was 5.29%.

According to André Braz, economist of the Brazilian Institute of Economics (FGV/IBRE) responsible for the survey, among the selected items the increase of the price of services draws our attention: musical concerts (13.94%), snack bars (13.16%) and restaurants (10.29%). In the presents group, the prices of children's shoes (7.92%) and bicycles (6.44%) top the list of those who have increased more than inflation, followed by dolls (4.85%), children's clothes (4.78%) and recreational games (4.46%).

On the other hand, electronic items, one of the main gift options for older children, recorded a decrease in prices. Stereos, televisions and video games became 4.56%, 3.76% and 2.27% cheaper. However, Braz warns that a product which presented a price decrease should not always be understood as a good purchase option.  Dolls, for example, have become more expensive. However, their price is infinitely lower than that of a stereo, for example, he emphasizes.

Braz also stresses that for those who have prepared themselves financially it is worth taking advantage of the moment to buy products that showed a decrease in their prices. However, forms of financing with embedded interests should be avoided, he concludes.

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