FGV's Digital Marketing Forum debates the relationship between agencies and advertisers

29 Agosto 2013

FGV Management promoted yesterday, August 28, the second edition of the Digital Marketing Forum, with the theme Relationships among agencies, consultants and organizations of the Digital Age. 
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss new directions of Digital Marketing, showing how this affects the relationship of the agencies with their customers.
The forum was attended by FGV's Communication and Marketing Director, Marcos Facó; the coordinator of the MBA and post-MBA programs, Nino Carvalho; Codezone's CEO, João Paulo Rego; and the president of PRSEO Consulting, Paulo Teixeira.
Facó spoke about issues involving social networks, measuring results of campaigns and training of professionals. Today, the professionals of this field, both in agencies as advertisers, need to learn to think outside the box- to be differentiated in the market, not summarizing all branding actions, he said.
Then, João Paulo Rego showed the different internet trends, since its beginning in the 1990's until today, presenting various professions that have emerged with the rise of the network.
Paulo Teixeira, on the other hand, highlighted the need for a good relationship between the agency and client, pointing out the issues that involve both parties. In order to improve the situation, it is necessary to have a transparent partnership and great commitment from both sides, he pointed out.
At the end of the event - held at FGV's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro - the speakers answered questions from the audience on the subjects covered.
All places of The Digital Marketing Forum were taken (more than 500 registrations), which shows a strong demand for information from professionals and FGV's credibility in the field.
*In the photo, from left to right, Marcos Facó, Paulo Teixeira, Nino Carvalho and João Paulo Rego

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