FGV Law School participates in seminar on social exclusion in Latin America

02 Maio 2013

Director of FGV?s Law School in São Paulo (DIREITO GV), Oscar Vilhena Vieira, participated in the Third Meeting of the Latin American Initiative for Law and Democracy (Iladd), which ended on April 26, at the College of Law at Universidad de Buenos Aires. DIREITO GV's Professors Ronaldo Porto Macedo Júnior and Rubens Glezer were also present.


Three studies prepared over a year under the theme Inequality, Discrimination and Social Exclusion were presented at the event - a comparative overview on social exclusion and inequality in Latin America, a paper about gender exclusion in the region and a study that deals exclusively with the exclusion of black and indigenous populations. The goal is to promote a qualified academic debate in this area.


The meeting coincided with the approval of the judiciary reform in Argentina that, among the main issues, promotes changes in the Judiciary Council, an agency of the country responsible for drawing up lists of candidates for judge, and that supervises activities and imposes sanctions to magistrates.


According to Oscar Vilhena, the movement about the changes in the Argentinean judiciary branch raised a strong debate during the event, especially when comparing the case with the approval of the bill that limits the decisions of the Supreme Court by the Constitution and Justice Committee of the Brazilian Congress. I believe we have a good reason for a comparative analysis of these events, which, incidentally, follows on the heels of other episodes in the judicial intervention that has occurred in the region, he says.


The Iladd was created in 2010 by a group of lawyers in Latin America, with the aim of provoking a reflection on the challenges of the jurisdiction in the region and find ways to increase respect for the law and strengthen democracy and the rule of law.

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